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1. How can I be sure that the members are relationship oriented?
A qualified matchmaker, experienced in relationship coaching and feedback, carefully screens all of our members to determine that they are in fact interested in forming meaningful relationships. We decline an average of one out of three applicants to ensure that our members meet other members that share the same qualities.

2. Why would a successful individual with social skills be a member?
In today's society, it is difficult for a busy, highly successful individual to meet people outside of their business and social circles. Many have grown weary of the bar scene and enjoy being introduced to a person of quality with similar interests by a mutual friend, which is what our service is all about.

3. What is a typical male member like?
He is attractive and in good shape, averaging in his 20's - 50's, successful, relationship oriented, and wanting someone special to share his life with.

4. What is a typical female member like?
She is exceptionally attractive, in great shape, educated, sophisticated, and relationship oriented. We have over 2000 female members with different life goals and personality types as well as career choices, so when searching pictures and profiles with you, the client, we discuss what matches are best suited for you both physically and personality wise.
5. Is it like going on a bunch of dreaded blind dates?
We pride ourselves on our incredible personalized service as well as our screening and matchmaking skills, which add another dimension to the introduction process, making it fun and easy. We introduce men and women that our professional matchmaker thinks would make a great team. How they actually meet is up to them. They might talk on the phone a few times and decide to set up their own date or the gentlemen may use our personal concierge service, VIP Access™ to make arrangements for a special day or evening. Either way, our service is set up to make the introduction process as enjoyable as meeting a great friend for a drink or dinner.

6. How many women can I really meet?
You can meet as many women as you like. It is truly unlimited. We will be looking for the woman of your dreams as our full time job, so you may not want to meet more than a few women before you want to spend some quality time with one of them.

7. What if I want to just go out for an evening or an event, but am not really ready for a relationship?
That is perfectly acceptable. As long as you are honest with our matchmaker, so that she can match you up with a woman with the same desire.

8. How do you attract your members?
We attract most of our members through personal referrals and articles written about VIP Life. We do not advertise but we do have personal recruiters that go to select venues that might attract suitable candidates for potential matches for our clients.

9. Why would such beautiful women need your service? Don't they get hit on all the time?
Yes, they do get hit on all the time but by all the wrong men. That is why these beautiful women come to us. They are only interested in meeting pre-screened relationship oriented men that are recommended by us.

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